Behind Tame My Toddler


My name is Laura and I run

This page is designed to tell you a little bit about, about tame my toddler and me and why you should trust my advice.

About me

  • I live in the UK
  • I’m 32 (but most would say going on 6)

I love going to the gym. I also love going out and having fun with friends. I have a degree, and since I graduating, I am still trying to find a use for it.

About tame my toddler

I started Tame My Toddler in 2010. Lots of my friends were turning to me with queries about their little terror tots.

So I started writting a blog and one day decided to turn it into a web page with the hope of reaching a wider audience. I wanted to put lots of parenting strategies and resources all in one place to help out parents and carers of young children.

All the articles I have written in tame my toddler are all from my own experience and are techniques and suggestions I have seen work.

What makes the information on tame my toddler reliable?

  • I have been looking after children for about twenty years so I have seen a few tips and techniques along the way
  • I have looked after children in a number of different settings
  • I have a degree, which shows I am serious and devoted to what I do
  • I want my future to revolve around helping children to get the best possible start in life
  • I have my own little bundle of joy on the way so will be documenting the successes (and lessons I learn) along the way

The main focus of tame my toddler is to help parents and carers to give their children the best possible start in life and help their children achieve their full potential.

Any questions or comments about the site, go ahead and email me at tame my toddler as I don't get many emails from visitors, so I really enjoy receiving feedback every now and again.

Best of luck taming your toddler, let me know how it goes.