Get Your Toddler Interested In Food

Get Your Toddler To Try And Enjoy New Food With No Fuss

As your toddler starts walking and talking, they also start deciding what they do and don't like. Unfortunately these decisions can be very unjustified (for example your toddler doesn't like one vegetable, so decides they no longer like any vegetable).

Getting your toddler interested in food can be an up hill struggle and many parents dread meal times with their toddler. Meal times with your toddler should be a fun and enjoyable time, where all the family get to talk about or prepare for their day in a calm, relaxed environment.

In my article Meal Times And The Terrible Twos, I explained some ways of getting your toddler to eat the food you provide for them. But I honestly believe that the best way to get your toddler interested in food is to let them get involved in the cooking process.

By letting your toddler, see, touch, taste and smell the ingredients and get involved with pouring things into a bowl and mixing with their hands, you are able to capture your toddlers interest and your toddler will be excited about trying the end result.

On this page are articles and recipes that are healthy and fun for your toddler to get involved with. Remember that your toddler is more then happy to do simple little tasks, as long as you act like they are really helping you out.

So next time you want to try a new recipe or just need something to do on a rainy day, get your toddler involved in the cooking process and watch how eager they are to try the food that they have made.