How To Beat The Terrible Twos Temper Tantrums

Controlling Temper Tantrums

Terrible twos temper tantrums are a parents worst nightmare. Especially when you are out in public with your toddler.

For those lucky enough not to have experienced one yet, the classic signs of a terrible twos temper tantrum are listed below:

  • Your toddler wants something/wants to go somewhere but you say no
  • You see your toddlers face crease up (which is your warning to take cover)
  • Your toddler will go red in the face and they may hold their breath
  • There will be a loud shriek (which you defies all scientific laws as nothing so small could make such a loud, horrible noise)
  • The redness in the face increases as does the high pitched howl
  • Your toddler may start hitting, kicking, pushing anything around
  • You know the terrible twos temper tantrum is really bad when they get on the floor and start kicking and screaming
  • If you are out in public, other parents will shuffle by, knowing the pain and embarrassment you are feeling, but will laugh at your toddler (which will result in your toddler screaming more).

Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules for dealing with a terrible twos temper tantrum. But don't worry, here at tame my toddler, I am here to help. At the top of this page are some articles that will help you top manage your toddlers behaviour and hopefully prevent your child's temper tantrums from ever happening again. For the less fortunate among us, there are also some articles to help you once your baby has gone past the point of no return and the techniques should help you to minimize the outburst.