How To Cope With The Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos

coping with the terrible twos

The terrible twos

The terrible twos can be a testing time for any parent, so I have made this page to help.

Even with the patience of a saint, a parent or carer will still struggle with their toddler during the terrible twos. When you have a stubborn toddler who will only do the opposite of what you say (or wont do anything at all), patience and willing to live can be fully tested.

Signs and symptoms of the terrible twos

The symptoms of the terrible twos vary from child to child; however there are a number of common signs that indicate your toddler is suffering from the terrible twos:

If your toddler wants to do something, they will be waiting for you at the door, coat half on, shoes on the wrong feet and nagging at you to hurry up. If your toddler does not want to do something the few inches you can move towards the door will feel like you are winning the war (until your toddler escapes your grip and you have to start all over again).

As well as this, your toddler may develop a raging temper, which will come from nowhere, catch you off guard and quite possibly leave you cowering in the corner while your toddler dictates the running of the house from now on.

Kicking, screaming and red faces all round are often common side effects of terrible twos temper tantrums.

Following on from the raging temper of the terrible twos will come your toddler new favourite word “no”. Anything you ask, say do, or even think of will be answered by this one simple word.

But there is good news!

There are ways you can stop the tantrums, get your toddler doing what you want and you can have a more chilled out, happy toddler.

Your toddler will be craving independance and will take any chance to learn new skills, such as feeding and dressing themselves.

Your child is thirsty for knowledge and will absorb like a sponge. Feed your childs desire to learn and become independent.

Dont forget you are not alone in dealing with the terrible twos, check out this article for more advice on the terrible twos.