Potty Training: Keeping Your Toddler Interested

Potty Training can be exciting at first, but it can be easy for your toddler to get disheartened when they have an accident and this can make it a tedious process for both you and your toddler.

For the most successful potty training results, firstly ask yourself, is my toddler ready for potty training?

Build your toddlers confidence and achieve
potty training success.

There are ways you as a parent can help to keep your toddlers interest and help your toddler to be potty trained.

Keeping your toddler interested in potty training

Potty training can be a long, boring process, so keeping your toddler interest is key. Remember that potty training will not happen over night, so be prepared for it to last a while.

Make potty training interesting for your toddler

Why not try making your toddlers potty more interesting. Choose a potty your toddler will like (or let them choose it). If you are choosing it, make sure you get a colour they like, or it has one of their favourite characters on it. This will mean your toddler is more likely to want to sit on the potty and be more willing to start using it.

Place some toys around the potty so your toddler doesn’t get bored, or read a story to them while they are on the potty. As bizarre as this seems, your toddler will be distracted from what they are doing and will be more relaxed. Taking pressure off of your toddler will make them more likely to stay on the potty for as long as needed and you are more likely to get successful results.

Reward your toddler during potty training

One of the best ways to keep your toddlers interest in potty training is to reward them.

For every successful attempt your toddler has at potty training give them lots of praise and encouragement and a piece of fruit or a small sweet (a 1p sweet is more than enough). This reward based system helps your toddler and gives them a reason to carry on when things get a bit more difficult.

Use a reward chart for potty training

A reward chart is another great way to keep your toddlers interest. The reward chart is best used every time your toddler uses the potty. When your toddler gets a certain number of stickers on their reward chart then they get that reward.

So for example, if your toddler uses the potty successfully five times the first day, put five stickers on the reward chart. Every milestone (for example every ten stickers) you should give your toddler a treat, for example a new doll or football or a trip out somewhere that your toddler would like. When you give your toddler the reward chart treat, make sure you make a big fuss about the fact that they have earned that treat from being a big boy/girl and using their potty so well.

Praise your toddler through potty training

The praise you give your toddler (how proud you are, how much of a big boy/girl they are now etc) is worth so much and will be the main thing that gets you and your toddler through potty training.

Use potty training to strengthen the bond between you and your toddler

When you are potty training your toddler remember they may not always get it right, so don’t get annoyed with them, they are learning and trying their best. Instead, if your toddler is struggling, talk to them and reassure them. Tell your toddler that you still love them and are really proud of them. Use potty training to strengthen the bond between you and your toddler.

When potty training your toddler, remember:

  • It wont happen over night so don’t force it upon your toddler
  • Keep your toddler interested with toys and a fun potty
  • Praise from you is worth more than any toys you could buy your toddler
  • Reward correct behaviour to reinforce it
  • Use potty training to strengthen the bond between you and your toddler.