How to choose the best Childminder for your child

Being a parent is hard work. The sleepless nights, nappies, the endless piles of washing…

The role of a parent brings with it love, laughter and responsibilities. The one thing that parents have in common is that they all want the best for their child. So deciding who cares for your child once you go back to work is a huge decision.

Benefits of Childminders

Childminders offer a fun, safe environment where there are a small ratio of children to childminder, meaning that your child will get a lot of individual attention and care. Because of the low ratio, a child minder can offer your child interaction, experiences and cater for your child’s individual needs.

Childminders also tend to work longer, more flexible hours than nurseries and play groups so they are more likely to give be able to cater around your working hours, reducing the stress for you.

Childminders look after children of different ages and from different backgrounds. This means your child will learn to play and interact with children of different ages groups and social levels. This gives your child the chance to develop their social skills and ability to interact with others.

Childminders are normally based at their home so they are less restricted.

Lots of childminders offer trips out for your children, such as to the zoo, play areas, aquariums etc, all with the aim of improving your child's understanding of their surroundings and the world around them.

They also give your child the chance to try new things such as cooking, arts and crafts and provide a variety of different and exciting toys catered to your child age group.

How do I know my child is safe?

Childminders are registered with Ofsted. To become registered with Ofsted, Childminders go through an extensive process and continual monitoring to ensure they provide the highest level of care for your child.

Childminders go through regular inspections, where they are monitored and graded as either ‘outstanding’, ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’, or ‘inadequate’.

For more information regarding Ofsted and childminders, please visit the Ofsted website.

How can a childminder help me?

As well as childminders helping your child to learn and discover the world around them, childminders can also help parents with any problems they may be having at home and offer solutions from previous experience.

If you feel your child is ready to be potty trained but don’t know where to start or your child is struggling with their reading, it is nothing a child minder wont have seen before and they will be able to offer solutions tailored around your own child’s strengths.

What questions should I ask a childminder?

As a parent you will want the best care available for your child. But where do you start? There are so many thing to take in to account when you want to choose a childminder. Are they local? What will your child be doing on a daily basis? What qualifications do they have?

For a more extensive list, have a look at the Ivybridge childminders website, who have compiled a list of questions you should ask when choosing the best childminder for your child.