Control your toddlers snacking between meals

Giving your toddler an endless supply of snacks stops them whining and distracts them when you need to get things done. However, providing your child with unlimited snacks will mean they don’t eat proper meals and will be hungry again within an hour or so.

Snacks should be to keep your child going and not a replacement for meal times or to fill the time so your child is not bored. Snacks should be healthy and nutritional, not full of sugar and unhealthy.

You should not let our toddler snack an hour before meal times as this will ruin their appetite and they will not eat their meals. You don't want your toddler relying on snacks to get them through the day.

A snack box will encourage your toddler to manage their appetite and learn to choose foods that are healthy for them as well as encouraging them to try new foods. A snack box for your child is a fun way of controlling their food intake whilst letting your toddler fell as though they are in control of their diet.

Encourage your child to design their own snack box

Give your toddler a jar or old box that they can decorate themselves. Provide them with an endless supply of glue, paint, pens, glitter etc and encourage your toddler to decorate their snack box.

Encouraging your toddler to design their own snack box will get them onboard with the idea and will get them involved in the new snacking routine.

Encourage your toddler to choose their snacks

Once your toddler has decorated their box, choose a selection of snacks you would be happy for your child to munch on throughout the day. Check out ideas for temping fruit and vegetable snacks.

Put a number of these in your child's box each day, the number you put in will depend on your child's age and their appetite.

Once your toddler has got used to their snack box, try putting new foods in their boxes for them to try. Mix the new food in with food they already like and your toddler will be more willing to try them.

By letting your toddler choose their own snacks, you are much likely to have them on board with the snack box idea and your toddler will be impressed that you have let them be included in the decision making process.

Each time your child takes something from their box, gently remind them, that once all their snacks have gone, there will be no more that day. Your toddler will soon learn to pace themselves through out the day. You just have to remember to be strong and not give in if your toddler wants more once their snack box is empty.

By letting your toddler choose when they snack, you are teaching your toddler to manage their appetite. By removing the opportunity to snack an hour before meal times, will encourage your toddler to eat all their meals and not rely on snacks to get them through the day.

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