Dangers to toddlers

Although none of us want to think about something bad happening to our children, we need to be aware of the dangers that surround us so that we can protect our toddlers and provide the best environment for them to grow up in.

Make sure you give your toddler clear warnings and boundaries and this will mean they start undserstanding the reasons as to why certain things are dangerous.


Water is such a big danger for your tot. Generally children wont struggle or splash about when they are in difficulty. They will simply wait for you to come and rescue them.

Your toddler loves to explore and any water is a danger to them so it is important you supervise them at all times. This goes for any type of water; baths, puddles, paddling pools, sinks etc.

Encouraging your child to attend swimming lessons is also important as it will give them confidence and essential skills to help them remain safe should your child come across water whilst your back is turned.


Your toddlers skin is very sensitive to heat changes. So it is vital that your child is covered up in the sun and sun cream is applied regularly.

Burns from straighteners are also increasing. Your hair straighteners can take 40 minutes to completely cool down and so you should make sure you have put them well out of your toddlers reach and make sure the wire is not hanging down for your toddler to pull on.

Scalding from hot drinks is probably the biggest cause of burns to children. So make sure that cuppa is put well out the way of your tot.

Memory foam matresses

Young children don’t always have the strength to turn over or raise their heads. It is vital that your child sleeps on a clean, firm mattress. Make sure you avoid memory foam mattresses, air beds and bean bags.

Nappy sacks

Nappy sacks pose a great danger to your child and there have been a number of deaths from young children suffocating. Nappy sacks should be treated like plastic carrier bags and kept well away from your toddler.

Blind cords

Since 2010, there have been more than 10 child deaths from strangulation caused by blind cords.

If you do have blinds, it is recommended that you get cord ties to make sure that cords are out of reach of young children.

Safety plugs

Covering mains sockets with safety plugs prevents your toddler pushing their fingers/toys etc in to the plug socket. This prevents the risk of electrocution.

It is recommended to use plain plug coverings to cover the wall sockets as these wont be as interesting to your toddler so are likely to get ignored.


Choking may be loud coughing, but similarly your child may be completely silent. Children should always be supervised when eating, particularly young toddlers and babies.


A lot of children are seriously injured every year from falling out of prams, highchairs and beds.

Make sure your child is always securely strapped in, no matter how long they are in there and supervised at all times.

Phone chargers

A recent study found that a large number of phone chargers do not meet the correct safety standards.

Leaving the charger plugged in with the switch on is a leading cause of house fires. It is much safer to turn off the switch and unplug the device.