Putting A Stop To Minor Temper Tantrums

preventing terrible twos temper tantrums

Terrible twos temper tantrums are a nightmare at the best of times but I am sure you will see enough of them that you will begin to realise which are going to be minor and which will be explosive.

Minor temper tantrums tend to be because your toddler wants attention (even if being told off is negative attention).

So here are a few tips on dealing with minor terrible twos temper tantrums:

Distract your toddler from a tantrum

If your toddler is attention seeking, set them a task or challenge. Set them up with an activity.

If your toddler wants your attention, but you are cooking the tea, get your toddler to help you. Ask your toddler if they would like to help you wash the vegetables, then let them get on with washing them while you get on with sorting out everything else, or get them to put the salad in a bowl. It only needs to be a really simple task, but if your toddler feels like they are making a contribution and getting your attention they will be happy.

Make sure you reward your toddler with lots of praise because they have done something good and helped you. This way your toddler is getting positive attention from you and you don’t have to put up with terrible twos temper tantrums and a stroppy toddler for the rest of the day.

Ignore your toddlers temper tantrum

If your toddler has a habit of throwing temper tantrums to get attention, simply ignore them. As soon as your toddler realises you are not watching and paying attention to them, they will get up and carry on playing as if nothing has happened.

Walk away from your childs tantrum

Just like ignoring temper tantrums work, walking away is another great way of combating the attention seeking tantrums from toddlers.

By walking away you are not giving your toddler an audience, so once they realise there is no one to play up to, they will stop and get on with something else.

Count to ten to control your childs tantrum

Once your toddler has started throwing a minor temper tantrum tell them that you are going to count to ten so they can calm down then you would like a cuddle.

If your toddler has calmed down by the time you count to ten, give them lots of praise and cuddles for handling their emotions well.

If your toddler does not calm down, you may want to consider a warning or time out.

Change the scenery to stop a tantrum

There is nothing worse then when your toddler starts their terrible twos temper tantrum in the middle of a public place. So if you find yourself in this situation, take your toddler outside and let them calm down in a quiet place where they no one is around and they cant act up to get a reaction.

Remember the calmer you stay and don’t act flustered, the quicker your toddler will calm down because they are not getting the reaction they want.