Getting Your Toddler To Brush Their Teeth

Getting your toddler into good habits when they are young is really important. Its is much easier to get your toddler into good habits early on and you will be fighting a losing battle if you put it off and wait until they are older.

Getting your toddler to brush their teeth is very important. So are are my top tips for getting your toddler to willingly brush their teeth:

Enthusiasm is contagious

If you are happy and excited about brushing your teeth, your toddler will feel the same way. Make out that brushing your teeth is fun and your toddler will be much more willing to join in.

Let your toddler watch you brush your teeth

Letting your toddler see you brushing your teeth means they can see it is not scary and horrible. It proves everyone does it and its not just a punishment for not putting their toys away.

Letting your toddler see you brush your teeth also means they will pick up good habits. Or take it one step further and brush your teeth at the same time your toddler brushes their teeth.

Give clear and repeated warnings before it is time to brush teeth

If your toddler knows it is coming, they can mentally prepare themselves for teeth brushing. If you take your toddler away from their toys to brush their teeth and give no warning, it will seem like your toddler is being punished.

So make sure you give clear, repeated warnings before hand so your toddler doesn't associate brushing teeth with being punished.

Tell your toddler, don't ask

Don't ask your toddler to brush their teeth, tell them. Brushing their teeth is something your toddler has to do, and as a parent you have to make sure it happens. Asking your toddler to stop playing to brush their teeth is never going to end well, so firmly tell your toddler (after their warning) that it is time to stop playing now and they have to go and brush their teeth now.

Make teeth brushing time fun for your toddler

Buy your toddler a bright colourful brush. If you can, get a tooth brush in their favourite colour or with their favourite character on. Make teeth brushing time as light hearted and fun as you can. This means your toddler wont see tooth brushing as a chore.

Make tooth brushing into a game with your child

Make tooth brushing into a game or sing a song whilst your toddler is brushing their teeth. This helps to create a calm environment whilst your toddler is brushing their teeth and makes it more fun and interesting.

Get your toddler involved in brushing their teeth

Get your toddler to help you put the tooth paste on their tooth brush. Get your toddler to clean their teeth first and then you go over it to make sure they have brushed everywhere that needs brushing.

Allowing your toddler to get involved lets them show you how independent they are getting (even though you are still in complete control) and will help to eliminate a lot of the tantrums.

Make sure you give your toddler lots of praise for brushing their own teeth and tell them how much of a big boy/girl they are now as this little bit of encouragement will go a long way into helping improve and strengthen your toddlers confidence.

Have a look at some top tips to encourage your toddler to brush their teeth.