Reduce Child Anxiety At Daycare

As much as we would all love to spend every waking moment with our little ones, every now and again we have to leave them. Especially if your toddler is new to a day care setting, this can be a big change for them and may result in them getting upset when you leave.

Day care is organised place anywhere you leave your child, for example, nursey, pre school, childminders etc.

Your toddler getting upset when you leave is pretty normal. How would you feel if your parents left you, you had no idea when they would be coming back, you were left in a strange place, with lots happening, lots of people running around. It’s easy to see how your toddler could find that scary.

Build your toddlers confidence and help to reduce
toddler anxiety.

Why your toddler gets upset in day care

Getting upset in day care reflects:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Frustration at being rushed from one place to the next
  • Feeling anxious about new places

Your toddler will become less upset as they develop language skills and your toddlers confidence increases.

Sending your toddler to daycare is good

However, you must remember, day care settings are great for your toddler and their development because:

  • They provide mental and physical stimulation for your toddler
  • Helps your toddler’s language and cognitive skills to develop
  • Allows your toddler to work on their social skills (learning to make new friends, mix with children of different ages etc).

Help your toddler be happy in daycare

There are things you can do to help your toddler ease in to their day care setting, leaving both of you in a happy mood for the day.

Slow down the morning routine with your toddler

Build in time for you and your toddler to have a story, or have a cuddle, make sure you can eat breakfast together. This way they wont feel like you are rushing around and trying to get rid of them for the day (also who likes being rushed in the mornings?).

Transitional objects can help your toddler in daycare

Does your toddler have a blanket or teddy they really like and use for comfort when they are at home. These objects will help them feel safe when they are frightened or upset.

Help to improve your childs behaviour
by improving your toddlers confidence.

Be matter of fact when leaving your toddler in day care

When you get to day care, walk your toddler in, give them a kiss and a cuddle and say goodbye then walk away, even if your toddler gets upset. You staying there is only going to prolong your toddler being upset and make it harder for day care staff to look after and distract them.

Relish the reunion after your toddler has been in day care

When you see your toddler after they have been in day care, greet him warmly with lots of hugs and kisses. Ask to see the work your toddler has done and what they have played with. Include the day care staff in this conversation as well, and when your toddler sees you are happy with what how the day has gone, they are more likely to be willing to go back.

Remember: Your toddlers attitude will not change over night, it will take time to get used to a new routine and new things happening around them.

If your child is still upset with their day care setting

If your toddler shows no signs of his anxiety disappearing, you may want to check out the day care facility. If you move your toddler to another day acre facility and you find your toddlers anxiety over separation does not get better, you should seek medical help.

This site will help working parents to cope with toddler seperation anxiety.